Some churches have Vision Statements, others have Mission Statements. Some churches have both a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement.  Hope Community Church just has a Vision Statement. Our Vision Statement is our attempt to put words to God’s vision, or revelation, for us as a local church.

Our Vision

Engaging in the Mission of God, for the sake of the lost.

We believe that God is on a mission.

Simply put, God’s mission is to rescue humankind.  God sent his son Jesus into this world to die for our sins.  In his sacrificial death, Jesus paid off the debt that humankind owes to God. Everyone who trusts in what Jesus has done, as opposed to trusting in their own righteousness, will receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Jesus has enlisted everyone who receives salvation to engage in God’s mission. Jesus has done what only he could do. Only he could die for our sins. It is the role of believers to share what Jesus has accomplished with the world.

Hope Community Church
exists for the sake of the lost

Jesus affectionally used the term “lost” to refer to those who had not yet found salvation in him.  Hope Community Church exists for the sake of those who have not yet found salvation in Jesus in the Ridley/Interboro area.